I’ve enjoyed the Old Forester lineup of dated Bourbons for the most part. The 1870 Original Batch is a favorite, but 1897 was a step down IMO while others found it superior. The latest in the lineup is 1920 Prohibition Style and this one is a hot mess. At 115 proof I was never able to enjoy this neat and it always required ice to tame the beast. The flavor was good, but to fully enjoy that I first needed to restrain the alcohol. With caramel, chocolate, tobacco, leather, brown sugar, and a light spice this one has quite a bit going on, it would be nice if it was going on at a lower proof and a lower price. At $60 this one is not easy on the wallet. If you are a fan of the series then by all means give this one a whirl. If not, I’m gonna suggest you pass. With a $60 price point there are other Bourbons which more much more enjoyable for a lower cost.