As part of trying a few Irish Whiskey’s I picked up a fifth of The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Bourbon Cask Aged which is 80 proof and quite pleasant when served neat in the glass. Reviews are not especially stellar for this bottle, probably because there are Bourbons at the same price tag, $26, which are much more complex. I have not found Irish Whiskey to be overly complex in general, but I have found it to be quite enjoyable which is a key piece of the puzzle. The flavor contains quite a bit of sweet honey coupled to caramel and finishes with a nice residual sweetness and a light alcohol burn to remind you this is Whiskey. Bourbon is a bit of an afterthought to my tastebuds, but it is present nonetheless. Not sure I will shell out the funds for another bottle, but if someone offered it to me I certainly would not turn it down.