So this week Timmay went on a smear campaign against House Bill 500 by declaring 23% of North Carolina breweries are not paying their taxes. What he and his cronies did is take information and twist it to make it look as if small breweries are tax evaders. What was actually stated was “23 percent of resident breweries are not in total compliance.” So what does that mean exactly? Is it some of the breweries have asked for extensions of tax filings? Is is they have not paid their taxes? Is the check in the mail? No, what TK has done is twist the facts. So 23 percent becomes 1 in 4, which is a falsehood from the beginning. Tim could say 1 in 5 and be covered, but by stretching to 1 in 4 he becomes a slimy liar. Then to go further and say they “DON’T PAY THEIR TAXES” also pegs the pants on fire meter. He doesn’t actually know if they pay them or not or what level of “not in total compliance” they are. If he did then the personnel who told him would be breaking confidentiality which I’m pretty sure would end their employment with the state and might actually land Timmay in some hot water. I’m not showing the front side of the mailer below which indicates it comes from the NC Wine & Beer Wholesalers and ends with the NCBeerFacts so we now have definitive proof of just how shady Tim and his gang are by depicting themselves as factual when in reality they are far from it.

Tim and the NC Wine & Beer Wholesalers do not act in the best interest for North Carolina. We have no large Bud-Miller-Coors breweries anymore. We do have some big breweries, but not on the level of Miller which left the state. Most of Tim’s cronies are distributing for the Bud-Miller-Coors of the world and are working in the interest of foreign corporations so by default Tim is a pawn of foreign companies. What House Bill 500 will do is allow mid-sized breweries to become larger and hire MORE staff which will create jobs in the brewery and with their distribution. It will not take jobs away from beer distributors because they are already employed and busy keeping up with demand for the foreign corporation products. So if those people are not in danger of losing their jobs all this bill can do is CREATE jobs. Tim and his ilk would prefer to have this bill never get out of committee so you should help him fail. To do so please contact each of the members of the ABC committee via phone and urge them to vote for House Bill 500. Also take note of which representatives vote against the bill. You can use that as a voters guide on which representatives to oppose in the next election cycle.

Boles 919-733-5903
Bell 919-715-3017
Gill 919-733-5880
Dobson 919-733-5862
Hanes 919-733-5829
Hastings 919-715-2002
Holley 919-733-5758
Hurley 919-733-5865
Jones 919-733-5821
Lucas 919-733-5775
Malone 919-715-3010
Murphy 919-733-5757
Potts 919-715-0873
Richardson 919-715-3032
Saine 919-733-5782
Willingham 919-715-3024
Yarborough 919-715-0850
Zachary 919-715-8361

Smear Campaign By Tim Kent