House Bill 723 was introduced yesterday and passed the first reading today. There is so much wrong with this bill that nothing is right. So what that means is every gun grabber will be on board with it and tout it as common sense. What does it do you ask? Removes your right to protect yourself in the workplace or vehicle so get ready to run boys and girls. You’re still good to go INSIDE your home or residence, but otherwise you have to retreat if this passes. Got a kid coming by, better make sure the kid isn’t an idiot because if they gain access to your firearm your butt is on the line. The way I read it, that is true even if it isn’t your kid. More warnings if someone purchases a firearm. Gee thanks, that will solve a perceived problem. Better run out and get liability insurance if you own a firearm, it will be mandatory if this passes. Got a magazine capable of holding more than 15 rounds? Better hold on tight because you will not be able to buy any more if this passes. There’s more, but just that quick list should be enough to have every gun owner calling their representative and telling them this bill should die a quick death.

On the bright side here is a list of representatives to vote AGAINST in any future election if you care about your Second Amendment rights.
Rep. Pricey Harrison
Rep. Verla Isko
Rep. Susan Fisher
Rep. Carla Cunningham
Rep. Cecil Brockman
Rep. Elmer Floyd

This is a terrible bill and it should never see the light of day again!

PS: The news is saying they are getting rid of the NC Stand Your Ground law. We don’t actually have such a law. We have a Castle Doctrine instead. The difference is Stand Your Ground means wherever you are, Castle Doctrine covers your home, vehicle, and place of employment. Just goes to show if you want to know the law do not rely on your representatives and the media.

Castle Doctrine