As I was finishing up the bottle of Medley’s Private Stock 10 Year I realized I never mentioned Old Medley 12 Year on the blog. The 12 Year was around a $50 price point and quite tasty as I remember with a nice presence of brown sugar and leather. It had much in common with all the Bourbon’s in the Medley family and Wathen’s. Medley Private Stock was a bit more pricey approaching $60 and despite being 90 proof it was actually a bit on the hot side to me for drinking neat and so I enjoyed it with a cube. It didn’t take much to tame it and once a little ice melt happened the flavor blossomed. Neat it had an interesting cedar aromatic with quite a bit of pepper and spicy rye. Brown sugar and leather round out the flavor with a spice finish and hits of sweetness. This turns out to be a somewhat rare Bourbon. Private Stock was only released in 20 markets and only 1,000 cases were available so if you missed it when it hit and don’t run into a bottle it is more than likely flown the coop. Never fear, Medley always seems to released something on occasion and everything I have had from them and Frank-Lin have been quite tasty.