Last night I had two beers from a new brewery in Charlotte and the bartender indicated they are adding flour to the boil to keep them cloudy and approximate the “New England” style beers. One was a Berliner Weiss and the other was an IPA. I’m sorry, but a glass full of murkiness is not appealing in anything other than a wheat beer and despite a Berliner Weiss being a wheat beer it is not murky like glass of yeast. I eventually became disgusted by both the Berliner and the IPA and had a difficult time finishing each. Whoever decided a glass full of milky beer was a good thing is an idiot or is just not capable of allowing a beer to condition long enough to drop clear. These beers last night were not slightly hazy or hazy, they were a glass of white mud. I think I’ll take a pass the next time I run into them out in about so I don’t get grossed out again.