Anyone who has read the blog more than once knows I am all about a deal. When Glen Moray Single Malt Port Cask Finish went on sale at NCABC in February for $25 a fifth I knew I had to give it a whirl. In truth I wasn’t expecting much out of a cheap single malt, but what I got was surprising. First off this Scotch is a bit on a sweet side, but that makes it so very easy to consume. It has a light touch of oak and the port cask makes you think it might be a Macallan Jr. It has dark fruit flavors and even a hint of chocolate coupled with caramel. It is a decidedly dangerous bottle as it hides all the alcohol and so you then decide to have another glass even though previous glass should have been your last for the night. At $25 or less I’d pick this up in a heartbeat. The sweetness will be off putting for some, but everybody needs a little sweetness in their life so pick yourself up a bottle of this.