Last night I once again decided to celebrate a milestone by opening a beer which has lurked in my fridge for a long time. The beer was a 2005 Three Floyds Dark Lord Russian Style Imperial Stout and last year I pondered when to open it. Well last night I decided to stop worrying about it and treat myself to the eleven year old wonder as I celebrated a half-century. This was my second bottle of 2005 and the last bottle almost erupted as I poured it back in the day, but last night the carbonation was calm and subdued. The aroma and flavor were chocolate, molasses, raisins, and prunes coupled to a bready/biscuity nature. There was coffee and subtle roast with cherries. The alcohol only showed after consumption, but it was definitely there. I believe the ABV was somewhere around 15%, but it was never boozy. A great way to end a great day, only wish I had another bottle stashed somewhere as I am now fresh out!