Every now and again you come across something no one else in the world has and last night I opened one of those gems. The beer was Natty Greene’s Farmhouse Ale and it was brewed in 2006 for a Wood-aged Beer Seminar held the National Homebrewers Conference in Orlando, Florida. It may have been released in the brewpub at the time, but it was never bottled with the exception of what was brought to Orlando from Greensboro, NC. I attended that seminar and some beers were left afterwards so I asked for the bottle and they allowed me to take it home. I spoke with the brewer and at the time they did not bottle so he had hand bottled the batch for his friend who was giving the seminar. The beer was quite sour in the aroma, but that attribute did not carry through into the flavor. It was as if the sour was a high note and everything else was a beautiful blend of farmhouse flavors and aromas. What was interesting is I did not treat this beer well at all. Over the years it has seen a variety of conditions and sometime back I threw it in the fridge figuring it was time to give it a try. Last night I grabbed it expecting a potential drainpour from an eleven year old beer which had been badly handled. What I got was a complex masterpiece. This beer was mindblowing and wonderful. Cheers to all who were involved in creating this Farmhouse Ale!