I was quite excited when NCABC put Aberfeldy 12 Year on sale a short while back for $34 so I snagged a fifth. As the bottle is about to disappear I find myself underwhelmed every time I pour a glass. It had a moderate level of banana ester when first opened that seemed to lessen slightly over time, but I still found it off-putting. The distillery webpage notes pineapple, toffee, vanilla, honey, and apple. While I can see all that, none of it quite works for me. It has an underlying sweetness and honey which are well placed, but the fruity notes just are not what I want in my scotch. Now on the bright side at $34 this is a steal compared to some who charge $45 or more. On the downside I could have purchased a handle of 12 year Blended from Costco for only $38 and would have enjoyed it twice as much. 😉