Last week I found myself in Tampa for business and was not feeling especially wonderful. I decided that despite my allergies or cold I would venture over to Cigar City and give their taproom a whirl. I didn’t tour, but once inside it appeared there were at least two bars with ample seating in two areas as well. I chose the back bar and settled in near the end. There was a bartender and a bar back and IMO it would have been better to have two bartenders and let them share the cleaning duties. At any rate after my bartender started waiting on me, he made me feel like a king, remembering my name and noticing my empty glassware just as it drained. I really appreciated I could get a sample of anything, a taster size of anything, and then some of the larger beers allowed short pours. I mixed and matched my way through several offerings and then it became clear if I wanted to do more I should have taken an Uber ride so I departed. The beers ranged from very good to outstanding and one Brett Pale Ale aged on oak was blow your socks off good. I’d sneak back here in an instant and make sure to just taste my way through the board. I’m not sure how many they had on, nor how much that would cost, but arriving in the early afternoon and with ample pacing I believe it could be accomplished. If you have not been to Cigar City in Tampa then make sure you stop in, several of the beers I had were taproom only and I was the first to enter them in Untappd which is pretty rare nowadays.

PS: Turns out I was pretty sick which is why you haven’t seen a post in awhile. I’m still getting better, but I do have some topics in mind for this week!

Cigar City Brewing
Tampa, Florida