I think the last time I posted a wish list was 2014. I figured it was time to revisit and determine what I’m currently dreaming about.

  • Ruger Precision – 6.5 Creedmoor (18008)
  • Marlin 336C – .30-30 (specifically with white trim on the stock)
  • Radom Vis 35 – 9mm
  • Uberti Buntline – .44-40
  • SAA – .44-40
  • Ruger Red Label – 12 gauge

Much of the list appears similar to what I published in 2014. The Ruger Precision in 6.5 has proven illusive at an affordable price. It can be had regularly for a few hundred more than I want to spend so I’ll patiently wait until I locate it at the right price. I can then apply that savings to the optics and other attachments.

A Marlin 336C has always been something I have wanted. I love a lever gun, but never had one growing up. The 336C was a rifle I often saw in magazines and the appearance spoke to me and it still does. Of course it isn’t any old 336, it has to have that white trim on the stock and especially in the grip area. I’m not well versed on the firearm so it’s an I’ll know it when I see it kind of purchase.

I’ve had my eye on the Radom Vis 35 for some time, but it is a firearm most people do not want to sell. With the American Rifleman feature last year I figure the prices are going to rise and make them even more difficult to find at an affordable price.

I need a buntline like I need another hole in the head. The ridiculously long barrel just speaks to me for some reason.

Everyone needs a SAA to go with their lever action rifles and as I said in 2014, I just haven’t found the right one yet.

I like the look of the Ruger Red Label, but the price gives me pause. They brought it back a year or two ago, but currently it appears to be out of production. If I don’t even run into one it won’t break my heart, but it still remains on my wish list.

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