Not long ago I bought some Kirkland Signature no age statement Blended Scotch Whiskey for a song and it wasn’t stellar for the first few glasses, but as it out-gassed it became much better. Someone posted on a forum the 12 Year Old was much better and so my next trip through a Costco with a liquor store I decided to give it a whirl. At $38 it was not expensive for a handle of Blended Scotch and I must say it is quite tasty indeed. I can see this becoming the new house Blended Scotch and believe most people would enjoy a glass of it. I prefer it neat and the alcohol is restrained. I have heard there is some variability from handle to handle in different blends, but if they approach this quality in most it should not be a concern. So if you are near a Costco with a liquor store run out and snag a handle for yourself. I believe you will be glad you did!