I came across an article which indicated the NYPD plans to install bulletproof windows in all patrol cars. According to the article the inserts do not allow the window to be rolled down. Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad idea? Now the police must exit the vehicle to even speak with anyone and will not be able to see out the window. The move was a reaction to officer deaths in 2014, but this is not a good solution. Now a criminal truly can sneak up on a blind-spot for the officer where the side mirror would miss them, shift forward, and still fire rounds unencumbered into the vehicle. This looks to be more of a problem than anything and while we do not want to see officers being harmed, this is not the solution! Take the money and spent it elsewhere and don’t cut off the field of vision for officers and make it more difficult for them to interact with the public. Perhaps when they are not on a call or driving the policy should be they exit the vehicle. Sometimes the simplest solutions truly are the best.