So here’s you PSA for today, skip Sam Adams Hopscape unless you want a beer with little to no hop character and something which is akin to drinking water. I didn’t hate it, it wasn’t awful, but it was as boring as boring can be and I won’t have it again unless it is on sale for less than PBR and I can get PBR for $7 a 12-pack. It is nearly flavorless and while it does have some slight aspects of fruit using the word hop in the beer name does it a disservice. Had it been called Wheatscape or some other term it might be passable, but I’d truly be surprised if the IBUs on this bad boy charted above 20. The website touts 30 IBU and use of Zeus, Centennial, Citra, and Chinook hops, but I’m not buying that bridge. So skip it unless you truly want to see how boring beer can be for yourself!