Last night I ordered a beer which was basically undrinkable. I took two sips and decided to order something else. If the brewery was going for awful they nailed it. I doubt it was meant to be that bad, but since I did make the choice to order it I paid for the beer. Also it was part of the superlative program so knocking it off that list means I will never have to try it again. In most cases I would ask the waiter to take it off the bill since it obviously was bad. Occasionally a keg will go off, but my suspicion on this one is someone decided to release a beer which was sub-par to keep their revenue stream flowing. In reality it would be better to dump the batch and call it a loss rather than having someone like myself question if their quality has sank to the bottom. At any rate, I did get two credits on my superlative program and did not have to drink the awful beer!