I’ve noticed several times lately a Bourbon or Scotch I was on the fence about due to an overwhelming alcohol, vegetal, or other aromatic/flavor suddenly comes alive in the second or third tasting session. We know certain wines should breathe so why not spirits? Actually I am not advocating opening a bottle and leaving it open, but for a spirit you find offensive due to vegetal character, or hot/solventy/fusel alcohols a bit of time with the cap/cork off might do it good and help it too. My thought it there are higher alcohols which flash off as the bottle opens and are further released as the headspace increases. I can think of more than a few recent bottles which seemed to improve over time. I think my MO moving forward will be to allow any spirit I find to be problematic with higher alcohols to sit open for a few minutes and to revisit the next day after allowing to sit open for a few more minutes. If that proves to enhance the tasting experience then perhaps there is something to my hypothesis. I know a recent one I wrote about was undrinkable when first opened, difficult to consume the next time I tried it, and palatable when I finally had the courage to pour a larger sample.