I just came across an article discussing the new trigger available for the Ruger Mark IV pistol. In fact many inexpensive firearms have affordable yet expensive trigger replacements. This new one from Volquartsen is $105 according to the article, but the firearm it is for retails for about $500. I’m sure the trigger is tits, but putting out 20% of the price of the firearm designed for plinking seems a little steep to me. People like to customize their firearms, but I’ve found my old 22/45 to be just fine the way it came although I did make some minor modifications. The Ruger 10/22 has a trigger set for it from Ruger which runs about $70. I purchased a 10/22 a few years back for $180 so I would be hard pressed to put 40% of the gun value in a new trigger. In the end all that matters is what you actually want for your firearms. If you want to customize with a semi-expensive or expensive part I say go for it, but I’m probably not going to spend the money when the firearm is solid out of the box.