Shootings in Chicago are at an all time high as I write this, 4,336 YTD. A news report recently mentioned 1,700 known gang members and something about that number just doesn’t add up. It was a blurb on the nightly news, but we know much of the Chicago crime is gang on gang with plenty of collateral damage, but if there were only 1,700 gang members then there should be less. Perhaps the news estimate was misstated, but a 2013 report put the gang number in Chicago at 70,000. That makes more sense to me. I also don’t think we can blame Mayor Rahm Emanuel for the violence, but we can question his leadership in stopping the carnage and solving the crimes. With less than 20% of the homicides being solved that leaves 642 unsolved homicides on the books YTD. The solution is staring you in the face Chicago, you must crack down on gangs. Gangs are the root of the problem and the only real solution is to pull the weed. I doubt anything changes in Chicago in 2017, the leadership will blame inanimate objects and people will continue to be subjected to violence at the hand of gang members. I hope I am wrong.