I started trying port after a Mad About You episode way back in the day where they saved a bottle of port and had some every year. From there we stated to buy a bottle here and there and determined our preference was to tawny ports. We have also tried some of the specialty, late bottled vintage, and aged and in general you cannot go wrong with just a simple tawny port which is often less than $20 and can be found on sale. World Market is a great place to find a bottle of port on sale. Once they put on a sale for reds or multiple bottles just pick up a tawny and give it a try. Our favorites are Fonseca and Ramos Pinto. Ramos Pinto can be difficult to find, but everything they have is fantastic. Fonseca Bin 27 is available almost everywhere, but finding their Tawny, 10-year, or 20-year can take some vigilance. We recently did a side by side of the four and found our preference was Bin 27 and 10-year, but Tawny and 20-year were very tasty. What was interesting is how as the port aged the color became lighter. Buying a late bottle vintage is not something I would suggest unless you know a particular year was a great one. Typically they are more expensive and often they won’t blow your socks off. So go get some port and don’t break the bank to do so when a great bottle is under twenty beans!