I posted several times this year about HB2 including the election for Governor. As it turns out the Charlotte ordinance was a bargaining chip designed to cast a shadow over Governor McCrory so Roy Cooper could win the election. Not long after the election was decided Charlotte finally rescinded their ordinance, but did so with caveats and with a promise to enact a more carefully worded palatable ordinance as soon as HB2 was repealed. So when Governor McCrory, as promised, called a special session of the General Assembly several were disillusioned by the move by Charlotte to include caveats and to be promising new ordinances. When the bill came forward it was not only a full repeal, it included a moratorium on ordinances such as the one Charlotte passed which started this whole mess for six months. So the session ended with nothing happening. I’m not sure if HB2 will be repealed after the end move by Charlotte. So in a nutshell Charlotte, and others, used their ordinance to help Roy Cooper win the election, then when they could have eliminated HB2 they chose to continue to play politics. That decision led to the General Assembly concluding their session without repealing HB2. I blame everyone for this, Charlotte and the General Assembly. Both are playing politics and they are not helping anyone. The ordinance was ill conceived as was HB2. Quit playing politics and agree that we need neither in NC.