So recently it became clear I needed to sign up for the TSA Pre-Check program. It was a very simple process with a few pages on a website to fill out and then you set an appointment to complete the application and have your fingerprints taken. I signed up while out of town on a trip and set my appointment for Friday of last week. The appointment took about five minutes and most of that time was spent scanning my fingerprints. The clerk explained it may take 60 days to obtain your Known Traveler number, but often they are returned in 48 hours. Yesterday my Known Traveler number was assigned and so now I am able to run through the TSA Pre-Check line at the airport. I don’t remove my shoes or my coal and don’t unpack my bag. Should be a breeze.

Maybe someone can explain why the Concealed Handgun Permit renewal in North Carolina takes so long. I can understand the initial permit process taking time to complete, but the renewal should be a simple rubber stamp. If I can get a five year clearance to fly and expedite my entry into the concourse through security in two days someone should be able to streamline the CHP renewal process to make it run as smoothly. I do realize there is a difference between getting on an airplane and concealing a pistol, but the background check and fingerprints for the CHP are already on file and it should only take minutes to review the record for any disqualifications.