I found the renewal process for my concealed permit to be fairly simple and easy. In Wake county you go to the Sheriff’s Office and use their computer to fill out the paperwork. You can do it at home, but it was unclear to me if that incurred additional fees so I opted to do it at their office. The two computers downstairs were taken with a line so I was pointed to the second floor where two additional computers were located. The questions were simple, but of course required some information from your current permit. Afterwards I went downstairs, provided the required documents, and paid via check. My permit is still valid for awhile so I am not worried, but almost 45 days later nothing has arrived. Since I have already been fingerprinted I’m surprised the process isn’t a virtual rubber stamp process. As someone who is authorized by the NCDOJ as an instructor I would think it should be an even faster process for the background check. I know no one wants to make a mistake and allow a criminal to obtain a concealed permit, but once you have it and have subjected yourself to the classroom time and paperwork the renewal should be as instantaneous as purchasing a long gun. I’ll post when it arrives with an update, but we should rethink our renewal process when it takes longer to complete than the original permitting process.