It appears I’m on a pet peeve rant this week. A few times I’ve ran into menus on an iPad for the beer, spirits, and wine and I’m not a fan. The apps always seem to glitch at some point and while it is great for conveying a lot of info about a particular offering the layouts always seem to suck. I am a paper kinda guy or even better a tasteful flat screen with the current beer list, but when I have to scroll through or search just to find something to drink it’s as painful as walking down a wall of beer to see what is one draft because the waitstaff is new and has no clue what is pouring. I guess I could pretend to have a hand eye coordination condition and have it read to me, maybe they could peel me a grape or make me a sandwich as well. I think the iPad idea has merit, but work on the layout and presentation, because if you want me to look it up on a device then give me a QR code to download the app.