Recently as a Costco liquor store I came across Alexander Murray Bon Accord for $24 so how could I say no to a Scotch which is basically a Speyside for hardly any bucks. I wasn’t sure what to expect and finding reviews online was like pulling teeth. I’m not sure if Scotch aficionados have simply passed it over, or no one has taken the time to pen some notes. Perhaps the Highland designation is putting people off since they want whiskey from the smaller Speyside region of Highland region, or because it shows up here and there with no distillery information and no age statement. Anyway, I opened the bottle and poured a glass and was presented with a Scotch which left a fairly alcoholic first impression, but an underlying sweetness from malt lurked not far behind. My disappointment came in the lack of complexity, but by the second glass I realized this was the perfect Scotch for someone who might not like Scotch or who is trying to ease their way into the spirit. It basically is training wheels Scotch or the bottle to have when you don’t want to break the bank or need to take something to a party which would pair well with finger foods. While it’s not complex, it’s also not expensive and that lack of complexity would allow it to be enjoyed over the course of an evening without palate fatigue. Give it a whirl, it might turn out to be just what the doctor ordered.

Bon Accord
Highland Single Malt

Alexander Murray & Co’s introduction to Highland single malt whisky is a vatting of various casks from one distillery.
In the interest of Alexander Murray & Co’s respect for, and friendship with, the distillers who produced this whisky, we agree not to list distillery of origin; a single malt of exceptional quality from one of the distilleries in the Highland region of Scotland.
Bon Accord single malt is characteristic of the classic style of whisky that the Highland region of Scotland is so well renowned for producing. Approachable and restorative in nature, this malt is a fantastic introduction into the world of single malt.