Way back in September I posted about the CMPD shooting of a supposedly unarmed man. Videos and photos at the time appeared to show a holster and a gun, but two days ago the Mecklenburg County District Attorney released their report on the shooting and declined to bring any charges against the officer. In a nutshell there was a gun, there was a holster, and Keith Scott was shot because he did not comply with commands given by the officers. Had he simply laid down the firearm he would have gone to jail for possession of a firearm by a felon and some drug charges, but he would still be alive. Take some time and absorb the report completely. It’s too bad the media has to incite racial tensions with their reporting when there was nothing racial about this shooting. Scott was smoking marijuana and when approached by police drew his firearm. He was shot by a cop who was the same race as he was after ignoring commands to drop the gun. Witnesses made up stories for the media which they recanted with interviewed by the police and SBI in an effort to gain their 15 minutes of fame. The bottom line is as always, if the police give a command, comply!