Is using a finger gun to let someone know you will retaliate if threatened a bad idea? In general the answer is yes because you never know what is going through the other person’s head. I’ve successfully used it twice to avoid road rage incidents, in fact I used it yesterday. The first time a young man in a large Detroit machine was trying to nudge me off the road while I was traveling in the fast lane. The first time he did it I swerved and he missed and he went back into his lane, but we were wedged in and he continued to push toward my lane. Eventually he was beside me and I got his attention and gave him the finger gun. He decided from that point forward he should remain in his own lane. Yesterday I was in my lane awaiting the exit a mile or so away and two gentlemen in a large SUV/Van took advantage of my space cushion to get in front of me. I did not close the gap and allowed them to enter with no incident. Over the next half mile they continually slowed down and so eventually I turned on my signal and pulled out to pass figuring I would jump back in four or five car lengths ahead. When I passed I noticed the four or five car lengths were in front of the SUV so I pulled back in the lane. Admittedly I did not signal my intention to renter, but I was so far ahead it posed no danger. The gentlemen then decided to give me the finger and I continued toward my exit. I noticed they seemed to be following instead of taking other exits and finally when I did exit I was in the rightmost lane and they were in the leftmost lane and blowing the horn. As we stopped at the light forty or so feet apart they continued to blow the horn and rolled down the window and yelled, cursed, and screamed. That was when I gave them the effective finger gun and suddenly the window rolled up, the horn quit blowing, and the yelling ceased. I suppose that gesture could have escalated the situation, but I am in my car which is my castle so any threat to me in the car can be met with deadly force. Luckily for me that did not happen, but a post mortem of the event would suggest I should have signaled my intention to enter the lane and if that had still made them angry I should have exited by a different route to avoid the confrontation. In general skip the finger gun, but luckily I have used it on occasion with success.