I happened upon an article indicating oat exports from the great white north are expected to drop as a result of weather conditions. Many of the oats slated for human consumption are now going to be used as animal feed. With over 4,500 breweries in the US and more than a few of them making oatmeal stouts or beers containing oats it would seem we may see a price increase in those beers. Luckily oats are only a portion of the grist in most beers, but if raw material prices increase, those costs are typically passed along to the consumer of the finished goods. I doubt we will see oatmeal stout go by the wayside as oat prices escalate, but during previous hops shortages where prices increased we have seen beers which utilize a particular hop cease production when the hop went AWOL. Anyway, snag up your favorite beer containing oats and be prepared for the prices of other products which contain oats to rise in the coming year.