It should be illegal to abbreviate beer names! Let’s start with a little known beer from Sycamore Brewing in Charlotte, NC. The name on the menu was Salty Coco Red Ale and it was described as an American Amber. So let’s take a second and decide what the flavor is. Is it cocoa or some other flavor? Turns out the real characteristic is coconut and that is what Coco stands for in the abbreviation. Wouldn’t that make it a fruit or nut beer instead of an American amber? Totally threw me for a loop tonight and until I knew it was coconut was thinking I might have to find a drain to clean with it. As a coconut ale it was passable, but still not my cup of tea. I think the name of beers such as these should be spelled out loud and proud to avoid any confusion. Had they told me it was coconut I would have most likely skipped it and chosen something else to wet my whistle. If you are a taphouse do your patrons a favor and spell out the beer name completely even if it requires extra space on the menu. Then slobs such as myself won’t order a tropical amber expecting something with chocolate. The brewery is not trying to hide the characteristics of the beer and you should not either!