Yesterday in a vehicle outside a local gun show a woman was shot when someone was comparing one firearm to another. The person who caused the accident was in the backseat and mishandled the firearm which was loaded and shot the person in the front passenger seat. Every gun safety rule below was broken. First the gun was loaded when it was given to the passenger. Second the gun was pointed at the person in the front seat. Third the person touched the trigger and shot someone. The rules MUST be followed every single time a firearm is handled. If the first rule is followed and the firearm pointed in a safe direction then no one will be harmed if someone breaks the second and third rule and touches the trigger of a loaded firearm. Follow the rules of gun safety every time you handle a firearm, not part of the time, ALL the time. Most of all do not hand a firearm to someone unless you have explained the rules! Had someone taken a couple of minutes to discuss safety with the backseat passenger before the gun was handled this accident would have never happened.