I want someone to explain to me why so many homebrewers find the need to complain about competitions and always try to figure out how the entry which bested them skirted the rules to do so. It’s ridiculous to waste time crying about a loss when the answer is so simple, brew better beer! Recently someone was complained a biochemist had added particular flavors to their beer to create a BJCP flavor profile. Sounds like BS to me, but even if they did I don’t see a problem. They brewed the beer, they had a palate which could pick up flavors and aromas in minute detail to match the guidelines, and they bested the competition with the practice. To be able to put all that in one package and wrap a ribbon around it would be a miraculous achievement. So if you are beaten in a competition suck it up buttercup and brew better beer which emulates the guidelines so you can win next time!