So I don’t get it when liquor is dramatically different in one area as opposed to another. A favorite of mine is The Balvenie DoubleWood 12-Year and the price in NC is $63 plus tax. Across the border in SC the price generally runs $52-55. That really doesn’t bother me so much because the NCABC puts 80.8% markup on liquor so I know we pay more in NC. Imagine my surprise when I go to a liquor store in California and find the same bottle for $47! Then I spied a new favorite, Suntory Toki, for $50 while in NC we pay $30. At $30 the whiskey is awesome, at $50 I would probably look for something different. The takeaway for me is to never assume a particular price and to check for deals as you travel. I’d hate to be the guy who wants to try Toki only to find a price tag which is inflated. Luckily even at $63 Balvenie is a good deal, but at $47 it is an awesome deal!