When I saw a bottle of Old Grand-Dad Bonded in the liquor store I thought I would pick it up since I remembered an article discussing bonded Bourbons and something about it being recommended. The 100 proof Bourbon was only $20 so I figured at worst I would use it for mixed drinks. Recently I opened the bottle and tried it neat and was surprised at the flavor as I took a taste. Not believing my palate, I poured a skinch more to be sure I was tasting what I thought I was tasting. Not long after that second sip I poured two fingers and sat back to enjoy a glass of this inexpensive Bourbon. It had a distinct brown sugar vibe coupled with a spicy leather finish which was quite nice. Neat is the best way to enjoy this one, a cube would just water down the flavor. At 100 proof I would have expected the need to temper the alcohol, but the brown sugar character kept the heat from becoming apparent. If you have not tried Old Grand-Dad Bonded then run out and get yourself a bottle. Actually, you can walk because most people will not be lining up to grab this one. Since you now know it is worth your time, you can give a smug grin as you reach to the bottom shelf and dig out a gem.