The other day I found myself in a South Carolina bar which allowed smoking and was shocked at how poorly I felt after leaving the establishment. A few years back I found myself in Atlanta at a cigar bar and even though I skipped the stogie I wound up with a splitting headache the next day from the secondhand smoke. So my take on whiskey, Bourbon, or Scotch and cigars is just say no. I get how the smoke and sweetness or underlying flavors can be a magical combination, but for those of us who abstain from smoking do us a favor and keep your smoke to yourself. Enjoy your stogie and whiskey in private or in a cigar bar. My preference is always non-smoking and I should live longer by not inhaling smoke. Anyone who believes smoking is good for you should run into a burning building and inhale deeply. If you are not willing to do that simple task then perhaps smoking is not as good for you as you once thought.