First off this is a far from scientific, peer reviewed topic this morning. Once upon a time I did a paid alcohol study where they indicated carbonation influenced the rate at which alcohol is absorbed. To me that would say if you consumed equal amounts of alcohol in Champagne, Beer, and a carbonated mixed beverage in the same amount time they would all influence equally. The issue with that is Champagne has more carbonation than most beers and the beer would have more carbonation than a mixed beverage. So Champagne should catch up with you sooner than beer and beer sooner than a mixed drink. What we fail to take into account is the rate of consumption. People tend to savor craft beer and sip on champagne and often drink a carbonated mixed drink fastest. Even if one was sipping champagne if they then interjected a shot of liquor they would certainly feel the effects sooner rather than later. If you drink slowly and intake plenty of water the alcohol and carbonation should not really matter. Just be aware if you are racing through an alcohol beverage which contains carbonation the researchers indicated it would influence your system faster than the same amount of alcohol without carbonation. Anyway, drink for flavor, not for effect and you’ll be just fine!