Just saw a news story which indicated North Carolina FFLs are most often targeted by criminals for illegal firearms. They break into the building and steal the firearms to resale in northern states. The Charlotte ATF Field Office is drafting a letter to FFLs offering suggestions on how to better secure their business to thwart theft attempts. The reality is you cannot stop a determined criminal easily. You could put up bollards to stop them from ramming the entrance, but then they may target the wall. Every building has a front and rear entrance and chances are that will be a weak spot in the building. Glass looks nice and lets in natural light, but it is an automatic weak point. About the only thing which would absolutely work would be a building inside a building and to place the firearms into the central safe at the end of the day. It will be interesting to see exactly what the ATF letter looks like, but if it is published for public consumption, wouldn’t is provide information for a savvy criminal to plan their next theft? Anyway, if you are an FFL do everything you can to protect your firearms from theft.