Often a highly sought after beer, wine, or spirit will be released and you can feel the rush in the air as lines form and waiting lists are compiled to taste or purchase the rare libation. The question is should you spend much time trying to find a whale? IMO if it isn’t out of your way stick your head in the store and see if they might have what you are after. In most cases with whales they are very good if not excellent, but you can typically find something as good or almost as good with zero effort so putting forth effort to find a whale is not time well spent. I’ve had and sampled my share of whale beers and almost always the beer is good, but not mindblowing. Take Minneapolis Town Hall Masala Mama India Pale Ale for example. At one time it was a royal pain to find, but eventually I was sent a growler. In the past the brewery was one which was sought out, but at the most recent GABF they had no line at all. So enjoy what you have around you and if you run into a whale, celebrate your good luck, but I wouldn’t exert too much effort to secure something made of unobtanium.