A few days ago I made a few suggestions for President, but after seeing the N&O endorse Roy Cooper for Governor thought it might be best to detail who should be elected as Governor. Once again I must remind everyone there are only two topics I concern myself with for this blog, firearms and fermentation. Since alcohol is not a hot button topic as part of this election let’s concern ourselves with firearms. In that regard the choice is obvious, Pat McCrory. I can see left leaning readers bringing up HB2 and I suggest they delve into the truth of the matter, not simply the media hype. Charlotte passed an ordinance and the legislature reacted to quash it and soon after it was signed by McCrory. If CLT would have rescinded their ordinance then HB2 would have never happened. I see it going away at some point in the future, but to blame HB2 on McCrory is asinine. Cooper has refused to defend statute law on topics where he differed as Attorney General. He needs to be reminded his job does not allow him to decide what he can and cannot defend based on his personal beliefs. He was elected to a job and if he refuses to do his job he should either resign or be fired. He is a career politician and has never been a friend to the firearm owner and will not be if elected to officer. His inability to carry out his previous duties and desire to strip gun rights is enough for me to vote AGAINST him now and forever. So when you go to the polls in NC vote McCrory if gun rights are something you value and vote Cooper if you believe elected officials should be able to shirk duties of their position.