Visited a brewpub last night which I had not been to in at least 8 years and perhaps 10 and found not much had changed. The first time I went there I thought the location was a bit odd, at the entrance of a subdivision area, and I still find it odd. The interior is part old wood, but not dark wood, and muted paint colors giving a very professional feel to the place. The bar has numerous TVs, all on mute, giving it a sports bar persona in that area. The food is higher end, but not quite white tablecloth. The beer is good and it was still good. I like a brewpub or restaurant to carry a vibe I can get into and this one just doesn’t suit me well. Either be a sports bar or be fine dining, but don’t try to be both at the same time. It is located in a beach community so how about some beach feel to the place which seems to be missing. It’s made it for many years so it must be doing something right, but for me, it just isn’t a place I can call home. I enjoyed it last night, and I enjoyed it several years ago, but I may not be back to enjoy it again for awhile.