It’s not the way you might think which is to obtain them by using some media fueled gun show loophole, the way they actually get them is to steal them or obtain them through a straw purchase. Here’s what is interesting about both those methods, they are ILLEGAL! During the most recent hurricane, there were several stories from FL and SC of gun store theft during the storm. The thieves basically knocked down a wall and went in and took what they wanted. I’m not sure how you could actually prevent that from happening. Even the most secure building has a weak point which could be used for entry. I mentioned watching Black Market and it is worth mentioning again to check out the episode. No additional laws are going to stop theft and straw purchases, what we need to do is fully enforce the laws we have when we catch the criminals. No more slaps on the wrist and time served. Make the new war one on criminal activity with guns. At least that way when we did catch someone and prosecute we would not see them in court again for a long time!