Lately the news is abuzz with sightings of clowns either pranking or scaring people. Recently there was one especially stupid person who was wielding a machete in a clown costume. If you are one of these pranksters or know one, please realize if you prank the wrong person you are likely to be shot and killed. Just as police cannot always decide if a toy gun is real or not, a citizen cannot dettermine if that machete is real or not. All I need to legally end your existence is the threat of deadly force or great bodily harm. So if I encounter you on any other day than Halloween threatening me with any kind of weapon in or out of a clown costume you run a high risk of not walking away from our meeting. I’m not particularly scared of clowns or anything other than heights for that matter, but anyone who threatens deadly force runs the risk of dying for their actions. Creepy clowns are fine for scary movies or Halloween parties, but pranking citizens will eventually end in disaster if someone cannot immediately tell the difference between a prank and a threat. Avoid creating situations which threaten your continued existence by not clowing around!