I looked at Rock Hill Farms Bourbon time after time at a South Carolina liquor store and finally broke down and purchased a bottle when I realized it was a Buffalo Trace product. The bottle is actually too cool for school and if it wasn’t so heavily graphic laden I would save it as a decanter. A recent article I read went into the pedigree and mentioned it was the same grist as Blanton’s, but rated it rather low against other Blanton’s variants. I happen to believe it is a great drop and when I found it for about $50 I dropped the coin to bring a bottle home. At more than that price point I might look for something more interesting, but right there is a sweet spot for this Bourbon and if you spy it there or less snag it and show it a glass. It does have some similarities with Blanton’s in a slightly sweet nature filled with brown sugar, oak, and spice. Caramel is prominent and if you are a fan of Blanton’s you should not be disappointed.