I happened upon an article on The Whiskey Wash discussing the O.F.C. Bourbons from Buffalo Trace and realized immediately I will never see one of these Bourbons and even if I did see them I probably could not afford them. The first release has a total of 200 bottles. Think about that a second, at two bottles per state to find one would be a needle in a haystack. Now on the bright side Buffalo Trace is giving them away for free to charities. Unfortunately in NC we will not see one because any charity trying to auction or sell the bottle would run afoul of the NCABC. The bottles are expected to raise $10K each for he charities who receive them and if I run into a tax deductible charity with a bottle might make a donation for a chance at one. My luck has been good as of late since I’ve been living right so you never know. 😉