I’m not going to dive into whether or not the shooting of Keith Scott was justified. The SBI will make that determine perhaps with outside assistance. What I want to focus on is the mysterious Colt Mustang which appears in some photos and not in others. The officers repeatedly told Mr. Scott to drop the gun so someone must have seen a gun. From the two videos, I cannot definitely tell you if he had a gun or not. I was watching the news and happened to see his pants leg was up and at the time no one had mentioned it. I paused the video and you can see he has something there, the logical conclusion is the holster which was in the photos the police released. While the video is not clear enough for me to be 100% certain that is a holster, there are other photos where it can more clearly be seen and does appear to be a holster. So thus far we have not established Mr. Scott had a gun, but we have established he had a concealed holster. No one would ever wear a holster without a gun because they simply are not that comfortable. If you only wear a holster when you have a gun, then Mr. Scott had a gun. The fact one was found which had blood and DNA on it does not assure us he had a gun, but when you factor in the police indicating there was a gun and an ankle holster it becomes clear. The investigation will have to determine if the shooting was justified, but one thing is certain, a man with TBI should not be carrying a gun and taking drugs. My gut is telling me the TBI combined with drug use led to his choice to not comply with the orders from the officers which ultimately ended his life. Always comply with officer commands whether you feel the order is right or not.