I got to thinking about police shootings and whether or not there was validity to the protests which often include signs and chants which would cause one to conclude a segment of the population feels trivialized. The stats I am using appeared yesterday on CBS and I apologize in advance for not being able to cite anything other than the percentage of African-Americans shot by police. I calculated the percentage at 26% in 2014 and 24% in 2015 and the good news is shootings are on the decline overall. For our discussion, we’ll use 25% as the number of shootings per year of African-Americans. An article in the Washington Post I read indicated 50% of those shot by police are White. That leaves 25% who are Hispanic or other. When I was a kid I recall hearing 18% of the population was African-American, but today that number widely reported as 13%. So it depends on how you look at the numbers as to whether African-Americans are shot more often by police. As a percentage of the population, they are killed more often since 25% of the shootings involve a race which comprises 13% of the nation. But if you look at the overall number of police shootings the conclusion would be Whites are shot more often. So you must decide how you want to evaluate the data.

One thing is certain if you want to avoid being shot by police you must comply with their commands. That will not 100% assure you will come away unscathed, but will certainly improve the odds of your life being spared. Don’t break the law or appear to be breaking the law in the first place and your chances of a negative encounter with officers is dramatically reduced.