To tell the truth I thought they already had a requirement to have an orange tip on the barrel so when I hear about people being killed for having a BB, pellet, or airsoft pistol I always wonder if they took off that tip. As it turns out many do not have any indication it is not a real firearm. It is pretty easy to tell a Red Ryder BB gun is not a working firearm, but a replica pistol is a much different story. I’m concerned when I hear of someone being shot with a replica, but in many cases they were acting as if it was a real firearm and threatening others with it. A police officer only has a limited amount of time to react to a situation, but some means for them to know a replica from a working firearm seems reasonable. I don’t know what that might be to not be recreated by an enterprising criminal, but an orange slide or barrel on a toy seems appropriate and I’m sure something could be devised for airsoft and BB guns. My gut says firearms should be easily distigushable from replicas, but the exact way to achieve the differentiation escapes me at the moment.