Since today it Talk Like A Pirate Day I thought it might be fun for everyone to Drink Like A Pirate as well. Pirates have long been associated with rum, probably because most of their activities happened in the Carribean and there was a good supply of sugar cane in the area which could be turned into rum. We all hear of Grog, but do you actually know what it was and why they had it? Grog is a mixture of sugar water, lime juice, and rum. The purpose of it was to stretch the crew’s ration of rum and to help prevent scurvy. From looking at a few recipes it sounds pretty darn tasty and some recipes serve it hot like a tea. Here’s a recipe for iced grog I plan to give a try, perhaps if you drink enough you automatically begin to talk like a pirate!


1 oz (volume) brown sugar dissolved in 1 oz hot water
1 oz lime juice
1 oz dark rum
3 oz water

Dissolve brown sugar with hot water and combine all ingredients. Shake with ice and pour over crushed ice.