When I hear the term accidental discharge on the news it typically involves someone touching the trigger on a firearm and ends with the primer being contacted and the bullet or shot exiting the barrel. Yesterday I received a call from a friend asking about his semi-automatic shotgun. He was at a sporting clay event and loaded a shell in the magazine and then used the cartridge drop lever (semi-automatic Benelli) to load the chamber. When he inserted the next round into the magazine the shotgun discharged. I told him he must have had his finger on the trigger and he said he brought over a person to look at the firearm and went through the loading procedure again and had the same result, discharge of the round in the chamber when loading the magazine and they had been very careful to be sure they had not contacted the trigger. This IS an accidental discharge and so I instructed him to contact the manufacturer and to not load the shotgun again as something is amiss. I am not a gunsmith so I would not undertake a repair unless it was something obvious, so the procedure with most reputable firearm manufacturers is to contact them and they will arrange return shipping or repair. It is very important to contact the manufacturer in case they find something in your firearm which would spark a recall or corrective measure for that model. So yes, there is such a thing as an accidental discharge, but only in a malfunctioning firearm. Most of the news reports where you hear the term accidental discharge the reality is the discharge resulted from poor firearm handling.