Should you actually be preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse? The answer is pretty simple, NO! As much as I hate to admit it, there is no such thing. There have been instances where people were high on various substances and decided to eat other human beings, but as far as someone getting a disease or virus which kills them only retaining brain function and the ability to make growling sounds while in search of human flesh…it ain’t gonna happen. So what’s the point of today’s post? You still should be prepared in the event of an emergency. As much as people don’t like to think about it, a hurricane, tornado, tidal wave, flood, or any number of things could happen to you or close to you and getting ready beforehand will be key. I’ve always said the next war will be fought over water so it is never a bad idea to keep a supply on hand. How much of a supply is the real question. Personally I try to keep a case of water at the ready at all times and I also have water purification devices in case I need to drink from a potentially contaminated source. These are fairly inexpensive and can filter out bacteria. My biggest fear is being away from home and having something happen where I am unable to drive back to return. For that reason I keep a bag in each vehicle which has some items I believe would come in handy. I’ll list a few of the items and perhaps you will see something you should include in your own vehicle. I have a knife with the handle wrapped in paracord. Some cordage would come in very handy for any number of uses and a knife is always a good thing to have around. I have both a P-38 and a P-51 can opener so I can handle any can I come across. Of course waterproof matches as well as a firestarter which reminds me to add some cotton balls to our kits. Cotton balls fire up almost immediately when they catch a spark. I have several space blankets as well as a compass to be able to determine the direction of travel. There are some other odds and ends in the waterproof bags such as some first aid supplies, but the most important in each is a handgun with ammunition. If we come down to a situation of survival I plan to survive and part of that survival is protecting yourself. During a prolonged emergency it also might come to a point where others need to be persuaded to leave you alone as you gather food and water. A firearm certainly would come in handy for that purpose. So no, you do not need to prepare for zombies, but you should be prepared for emergencies.