File this under I don’t know exactly what happened, but Moonlight Meadery has retained their Trademark. It appears Candace Moon and Moonlight Brewing withdrew their petition. I suspect some arrangement was reached, but it’s complete BS that Moonlight Brewing and Candace Moon even filed in the first place. Perhaps Moonlight Brewing has aspirations of making meads and distributing them nationwide or they thought Moonlight Meadery might begin to make and distribute beer, but from where I sit both are ludicrous. A local brewery producing mead is not crazy, but believing a nationwide presence is a winning strategy is borderline mental. Even if Moonlight Meadery decided to make beer I have my doubts it would see more than a local presence. The winning strategy with beer is local and fresh and nationwide distribution only comes with tremendous volumes. At one time a small brewery could distribute far and wide, but that was before enough people got on the craft beer bandwagon to have a large marketplace. Today many never distribute outside of a small radius from the brewery or their home state and are able to sell every drop they make. Local is king in beer. Mead, like wine and spirits, is a different beast. There is too much competition to be able to keep it local only and so you must distribute further to sell your wares. Also mead tends to be more expensive so it is not an everyday item. Most people will grab a $3 bottle of beer before they grab a $10+ bottle of mead so wider distribution is required since inventory tends to be held much longer.

I’m glad this battle appears to be over. I wish it had never started in the first place.